Choosing a suitable math tuition center to achieve Distinction

You’ve seen the advertisements – experienced, ex-MOE super tutors who promise to provide quality tuition for your child. With every tuition provider touting the same pitch, this seems to be the bare minimum these days. We dug deeper to uncover some of the commonly overlooked qualities of a good tuition center – one that not just boasts about what it has to offer, but also delivers the results that will help your child in his/her studies and in life. We have talked about how to select a tuition center here in case you missed it.

  1. A Nurturing Learning Environment

It’s not enough to be bombarded with the best notes, lessons and practice assessments if your child is not provided with the right learning environment. MuscleMath understands that each child sent to us has a different learning capability and background. Our materials do not only cater to the top students but are instead curated to suit varying learning paces. This helps to ensure that our students are best assisted at their optimal levels of learning (as opposed to competitive and stressful classroom dynamics).

  1. The ‘Extra Mile’ Resources

Mathematics is a subject that requires a lot of ‘muscle memory – which basically means that it favours those who are exposed to it more. Increased exposure and practice are key to mastering it. Weekly 2-hour lessons simply do not suffice because of this. Students attend classes to understand concepts and gain comprehension, but they will require a lot more exposure to practice questions in order for them to apply these concepts. At MuscleMath, we prepare videos of step-by-step solutions to questions and upload them online regularly for our students to access. By providing these online solutions and conceptual videos, you can be ensured that your child gets practice even outside of the weekly 2-hour lesson. This is also completely free upon registration!

  1. Readily Available Tutors

For tutors, it’s not enough to be available only when class is in session. MuscleMath’s tutors are known to always go the extra mile for students. Sometimes questions will be answered via a video/voice message/picture through text. Students are also free to stay back after classes to ask questions. We are mindful about keeping group lessons to a maximum of 15 students so that everyone gets the attention and help that they need. Ensuring that every child gets a personalized and optimized learning experience is important to us. As tutors and being the subject matter expert, being diligent in teaching well is a given. Beyond this, we also care for students beyond the classroom and are always up for a cuppa or ice cream! It’s not enough to just be good at teaching – we strive to be relevant and relatable to all our students.

Does your tuition center possess these qualities? If not, it’s time to think about whether your child needs somewhere that is more catered to his/her learning needs!

We have consolidated a list of JC H2 Mathematics Syllabus from MOE as a baseline on how far are you from achieving that distinction ,if you have topics that you are still not confident of, reach out to our math tutor for our online lessons if you had missed it, or attend our upcoming tuition classes to improve your grade.

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