A-Level Math Tuition on Student Performance: An Analysis of Success Rates

A-Level Math Tuition An Analysis of Success Rates

A-Level Math Tuition An Analysis of Success Rates

Math Tuition has always been a solution for students that are struggling and for parents that want their children to score. Yet, its effectiveness and success rate are often under explored as it is imperative to assume that more tuition equates to more studying and therefore better grades. 

Hence, in this article, we aim to explore the success rates of tuition in mathematics, and support them with actual statistics that have been gathered by various study groups. 

Areas of Improvement  

  1. Improved Exam Results: 

The first expectation is that students who attended A-level math tuition typically showed significant improvements in their exam grades compared to those who did not receive tuition. However, this is dependent on a student’s attitude towards the tuition class. 

Based on a study by NUS, published in 2016, it was determined that several causes may lead to opposite effects. These include:
1. Negative association or dislike for a subject
2. Tendency to listen less in school due to overreliance of tuition classes.

However, there was no conclusive evidence that these were causal. Instead, it was concluded that successfulness of tuition can be positive and it is very dependent on factors specific to each child.

Source: Reddit

2. Reduction in Failure Rates:

While there is no concrete evidence that says for certain that tuition leads to increased grades, the opposite is true as well. Research published in academic journals such as the “Journal of Education Policy” has highlighted the role of tuition in reducing failure rates among A-level math students. This is attributed to increased time spent practicing on the subject and building a clearer understanding of topics. 

3. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: 

In recent years, education has turned towards “problem solving skills” as a key solution for school systems. Cambridge has also launched relevant articles on a need for such skills quoting: “… believe that in the future jobs which computers cannot perform ­– that require uniquely human skills such as critical thinking ­– will become more significant and those with these skills will be in even more demand.”. 

Most recently, educational policy changes and restructuring in schools have also indicated a preference for students to value skills over grades, in a bid to shift the dominant mindset that scoring an “A” is the only way to success. 

Tuition centres play a key role in this process of teaching how to solve questions, but more importantly, with more personalized attention, a more in depth explanation of how questions are solved. For example, in algebraic equations, there may be multiple ways to solve a question through substitution, converting variables, or alternative formulas. 

How Successful is Success? 

MOE has made a statement that it does not track the value of private tuition or the enrichment industry. Success is also not a specific indicator that the ministry measures. However, it is important to first set a personal benchmark on what success means. 

For a student, success may be scoring well on a subject, for a parent, success could be a long-term mindset and a stellar performance for a lifetime. Therefore, when considering how successful tuition is for students, it can be said that “tuition can benefit students who are genuinely in need of more dedicated help in coping with their studies.”. For this group of students, success rates are high. 

From Musclemath, success rates too are high, for A level math/H2 Math students, 91% scored a distinction/improved by 4 grades. For the tuition centre, success is improvement in the subject even if it is one letter grade. 

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