There will come a time where every parent may wonder: “Should I enroll my child in O Level tuition for an extra boost? Are the difficulties that my child is facing ‘normal’ or is tuition necessary?” Enrolling your children in O Level tuition is a significant commitment and it is natural to wonder if it is truly necessary. There are certain obvious signs that your child is struggling academically, such as less-than-ideal grades, but there are other subtler tell-tale signs that often go unnoticed by parents.

In a subject such as Maths, it is ever more important to catch these signs quickly as soon as they surface because learning in Maths is cumulative; in that each new topic is built upon one’s understanding of the previous topic. Ignoring the early signs that your child is struggling in O Level Maths could be detrimental to their overall grade and understanding of later topics.

Read on to discover four tell-tale signs that your child is struggling with O Level Maths, and would appreciate a little extra help!

  1. Difficulty with time management

Many students study maths by practising past year papers or practice papers at home at their own time. Nonetheless, while they may be able to answer the questions accurately at home, you may realise that they are unable to perform in timed examination settings. A quick glance over the marked examination paper may reveal that they struggle with time management.

Time management is crucial for acing examinations, and this is especially important for the subject of Maths. The examination comprises multiple sections and the ability to accurately and speedily solve each question is also a reflection of your child’s learning.

If you find that your child is having trouble managing their time when finishing practice papers or during examinations, that is a big sign that something is not right.

  1. Actively procrastinates and delays Maths practice


At first glance, this may seem to be an obvious clue that something is not quite right. Nonetheless, parents often make the mistake of writing off procrastination as a habit of teenagers, not realising or observing that their child may be only delaying the work of a specific subject, such as Maths. It is worth taking note of your child’s energy levels and enthusiasm when approaching certain tasks. If they are actively procrastinating and ignoring Maths practice, that suggests that they are struggling with this subject in particular.

  1. Trouble connecting mathematical topics

Undoubtedly, there are many mathematical concepts to master in O Level Maths. You may feel reassured when you test your child’s understanding of each concept, as they may be able to explain the concept perfectly.

However, understanding a single concept in and of itself is not enough. If you find that they are having difficulty answering more complex questions that require a mastery of multiple concepts, and involves drawing connections across topics, that is a red flag that your child is struggling in Maths and may require O Level tuition.

  1. Resorts to rote learning and memorisation

While a significant part of Maths involves memorisation of formulas and concepts, what determines a stellar academic grade is the astute and accurate application of said formulas and concepts.

It is simply not enough to memorise concepts, neither is it a smart move to memorise solutions to questions, given that each question can and will be tweaked differently to avoid repetition. If you find that your teenager is resorting to rote learning instead of actively engaging with the concepts and applying them, that reflects a poor mastery of the subject and additional help should be sought.

It is imperative to pick up any and all tell-tale signs that your child is struggling in O Level Maths, and to take action to help them overcome any problems. Should you realise that your teenager displays any of the signs mentioned above, it might be best to think about providing them with a helping hand in the form of O Levels tuition to ensure their academic journey is as fruitful as possible.