Registration for 2019 June Holiday H2 Maths Workshop

A workshop aims to cover every aspect of the syllabus for that particular topic. Material (summarized notes + worksheets) will be provided free-of-charge for students. Workshops are meant to serve as a crash course + revision for students. Workshops with the same titles are repeated workshops, they are conducted an extra time to give students a wider range of choices. 

Students are free to select any number of workshops that they would want to attend and can choose to take the packaged sessions for more REPS at a discounted rate.

Each workshop is $100 and each workshop will be 3 to 5 hours long, depending on the topic covered in that workshop.

How to register?

  1. Register by selecting the workshop you want to attend from the calendar view or via the timeline below.
  2. After filling the registration form, you will receive a pre-registration email and our tutor will contact/email you shortly with payment procedure once we confirm that there are still slots available.
  3. For REP packages, once our tutor have contacted you, you can proceed to select your remaining workshops based on the number of REPs you are entitled too. (example 5 workshops for our 5REP package)

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For workshops, payment is required at commencement to ensure seats are reserved. Payment procedure will be sent in an email upon registration.

Please call 9771 8014 for any queries.

‘H2 Biology Intensive Revision’
Topics Included:
1) Cancer Part 1
2) Cancer Part 2
3) Bacteria & Viruses Part 1
4) Bacteria & Viruses Part 2
5) Bacteria & Viruses Part 3
6) Diversity & Evolution Part 1
7) Diversity & Evolution Part 2
8) Cellular Respiration
9) Photosynthesis
10) DNA replication & Protein synthesis Part 1
11) DNA replication & Protein synthesis Part 2
12) Inheritance and variation Part 1
13) Inheritance and variation Part 2

There are no upcoming events at this time