“Math” Stream Subjects for JC 

math stream subject for jc

In the Singapore Junior College (JC) curriculum, the distinction between a “math stream” and a “science stream” is not explicitly made. Instead, the curriculum is organized into two main streams: the Arts and the Science stream. The term “Science stream” is used to encompass subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, reflecting an emphasis on science-related disciplines.

Mathematics is an integral part of the Science stream because it is a foundational subject for many science and technology-related courses. In the Science stream, students typically take a combination of science subjects along with Mathematics at the Higher 2 (H2) level. This combination provides students with a strong foundation in both mathematical concepts and scientific principles, enabling them to pursue a wide range of university courses related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Therefore, while there is no specific “math stream,” the Science stream inherently includes a significant focus on mathematical concepts to prepare students for a broad spectrum of higher education and career options in STEM fields.

A Level Course Requirements 

As per MOE regulations: 

The GCE A-Level curriculum requires students to undertake the following subjects:

3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects (at least one of which must be from a contrasting discipline),

H1 Mother Tongue Language (MTL),

H1 General Paper (GP)

H1 Project Work (PW).

⮚Students who have obtained 10 points or better for their L1R5 raw aggregate, AND 8 points or better in their 4 relevant O-Level subjects are eligible to take 4 H2 content-based subjects, of which at least one must be from a contrasting discipline.

Science Stream for JC 

Option 1 

With the above requirements, this means that students will be able to take a total of 3 H2 subjects, with 3 of the subjects being science H2 subjects to form the majority and be part of the science stream.
Note* Math is also considered as a science subject for some JC courses.


Refer to the following for some of the combinations from CJC:

Stream H2 Subjects H1 Subjects (choose one)
Science Math Chem Phy Econs, Geo, Hist, Lit
Math Econs Phy Chem, Geo, Hist, Lit
Math Bio Chem Econs, Geo, Hist, Lit
Math Chem Econs Bio, Phy, Geo, Hist, Lit
Bio Chem Econs Math
Chem Econs Geo Math
Chem Econs Hist Math

Alternatively, Click on the links below to find out each of the combinations offered by the JCs. 

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Catholic Junior College


Dunman High School JC


Eunoia Junior College


Hwa Chong Institution JC


Jurong Pioneer Junior College 
Millennia Institute 
Nanyang Junior College 
National Junior College 
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Raffles Institution JC
River Valley High School JC
School of the Arts Singapore
Singapore Sports School


St Andew’s Junior College


St Joseph’s Institution JC


Tampines Meridian JC


Temasek Junior College


Victoria Junior College
Yishun Innova College 

Option 2

Alternatively, if you can also choose to take 4 H2 subjects. This means that you can take a total of 4 H2 subjects, with 3 of the subjects being science H2 subjects to form the majority and be part of the science stream.  This option requires that students obtain an overall average ‘C’ grade for the 4 H2 subjects in JC1. 

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