Math Tuition, Academic Support? 

Math Tuition, Academic Support?

Math Tuition, Academic Support?

In a piece by Channel NewsAsia, it is explained that part of the enduring popularity of certain tuition centers in recent years have been attributed to their focus on building camaraderie and belonging among students. 

This emphasis on social connection is particularly relevant in a post-COVID world, where youths may feel socially disconnected. 

These tuition centers create shared experiences through fun outings and treats, transforming the learning environment into a place of belonging and community. The approach underscores the significance of incorporating moments of connection into the learning journey, providing a sense of joy and purpose for students. 

Is Tuition Simply Academic Support? 

With that in mind, in today’s world “is tuition purely an academic support?”. 

The answer can be found in research and survey. 

In this video by Channelnewsasia “Does Tuition Affect Independent Learning”, it is also discussed that the older a student gets the more likely he/she is to have tuition.

 This is because of many reasons such as:

  • The school is unable to explain more complex topics in depth, 
  • Lack of individual attention in classes 
  • Increased interlinking between knowledge 
  • Lack of confidence which stems from inadequate knowledge. 

In such cases, tutoring becomes a multi edged tool, 

  1. The first, to equip the right skills for students to score,
  2. the second to support the student emotionally by building confidence, 
  3. and lastly, to provide the materials that are otherwise unavailable in classes.

It is evident in this case, that tuition is not simply academic support. It has become an “crutch support” on almost every lacking element that a school cannot provide.

how to approach tuition

how to approach tuition

If Tuition is inevitable, how should it be approached? 

When considering the perceptions of tutoring as a form of academic support versus a crutch for struggling students, it’s essential to adopt attitudes that prioritize the holistic development and well-being of students:

Positive Outlook: 

Embrace tutoring as a valuable resource that can benefit students at various academic levels, not just those who are struggling. Recognize that tutoring can provide personalized support, reinforce learning, and enhance understanding for all students, regardless of their proficiency level.


Encourage students to view tutoring as a tool for empowerment rather than a sign of weakness. Help them understand that seeking support when needed demonstrates initiative, resourcefulness, and a commitment to academic success.


Work towards destigmatizing the perception of tutoring by fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Encourage open dialogue about tutoring and challenge negative stereotypes or misconceptions associated with seeking academic support.


Personalized Learning: 

Emphasize the value of personalized learning experiences that tutoring can offer. Recognize that tutoring allows for tailored instruction, targeted intervention, and individualized support that can cater to students’ unique strengths, challenges, and goals.

Continuous Improvement: 

Embrace a growth mindset that views tutoring as a means for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Encourage students to approach tutoring with a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and openness to feedback, recognizing that academic progress is a journey rather than a destination.

By adopting these attitudes, educators, parents, and students can foster a positive and supportive learning environment where tutoring is perceived as a beneficial academic resource that promotes student success and well-being.

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