JC H2 Math & Secondary A Math Tuition Schedule 2020

7.30-9.30pm JC2 H2Math7-9pm Sec3 Emath7-9pm Sec3 Amath7.30-9.30pm JC2 H2Math10-12pm Sec3 Amath10am-12pm Sec4 Amath
1.30-3.30pm Sec4 Amath1.30pm-3.30pm JC2 H2Math
4pm-6pm Sec4 Emath1.30-3.30pm Sec3 Emath
7pm-9pm JC2 H2Math


Monday: 7.30-9.30pm JC2 H2Math

Friday: 7.30-9.30pm JC2 H2Math

Sunday: 1.30pm-3.30pm JC2 H2Math

Sunday: 7pm-9pm JC2 H2Math


Wednesday: 7-9pm Sec3 Amath

Saturday: 10-12pm Sec3 Amath

Saturday: 1.30-3.30pm Sec4 Amath

Sunday: 10am-12pm Sec4 Amath


Saturday: 4pm-6pm Sec4 Emath

Sunday: 1.30-3.30pm Sec3 Emath

About The Centre

With years of experience under his belt, Joshua Tan ensures that MuscleMath tuition has the widest range of resources, providing only the best for students and focuses mainly on providing JC H2 Maths Tuition. Here are a few reasons as to why interested students should sign up as early as possible:

1. Best Available Material and Teachers

Our teachers (ex-MOE teachers/Math Degrees holders) have years of experience under their belt and our physical material is carefully tailored over the many years to suit every student. We understand learning differs for each and every individual student. Hence, our material is arranged in accordance to varying levels of difficulty to help assist students in their own revision.

Some of the questions were even accurately predicted during the major examinations (A levels and O levels).

2. Video Lessons

There are video solutions of questions regularly uploaded and taught to students, step by step. A question set will be provided with almost every lesson.

As math is a subject that requires a lot of ‘muscle memory’, a lot of times, 2 hour lessons weekly will not suffice as students attend classes to understand concepts. By providing constant video solutions and conceptual videos, this ensures students get sufficient practice outside of the weekly 2-hour lesson.

This is completely free upon registration.

Muscle Math testimonial
Muscle Math testimonial

3. Free Consultations over Text/Whatsapp/Telegram

Joshua Tan is known among students to always help students as best as he can. This means, as long as he is awake and not conducting classes, he will be free to answer questions.

Sometimes questions will be answered via a video that he will send/ a voice message/ picture through text. Students are also free to stay back after classes to ask questions.

This is the same for the tutors that are carefully selected by Head Tutor Joshua Tan. The same amount of care and focus will be given to each and every student in the centre by every teacher conducting classes. Even with group lessons being relatively small (maximum 15 students per class), MuscleMath aims to provide only the most personalized experience to each and every student.

Musclemath tuition logo

3. Relatability

MuscleMath prides itself in its teachers being relatable to students. Outside of classes, teachers always do their best to communicate with students and help them through problems that might not necessarily be academic related.

As teachers, being an expert at the subject that they are teaching is a given. Tutors at MuscleMath are selected to be tutors not only because of their expertise on a subject, but also because they all go the extra mile for students beyond simply academics.

We believe our teachers cannot simply be good at teaching a subject, our teachers must care for students beyond the classroom. A few examples of what students think about our teachers are given below, and we have a consolidated list of testimonials here.

Muscle Math testimonial
Muscle Math testimonial
Muscle Math testimonial
Muscle Math testimonial
Muscle Math testimonial

About Our Fees

Our H2 Maths Fee Structure

  • Standard lessons are once per week, 2 hours per lesson on average.
  • Fees are collected at the start of every term.
  • Fees are pro-rated should a student join halfway
  • There is a one-time registration fee of 80 dollars
  • Students are welcome to attend a free trial session
  • Students that sign up before 1st Jan 2021  gets 10% discount of their first term payment *T&C applies

Payment methods

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