Choosing the most ideal math tuition classes among the many tuition centres

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Signing up for extra tuition classes after school hours has become a common practice in Singapore. Many parents want to give their child an edge in school, especially when considering the depth of Amath and H2 math in the new MOE syllabus. While there are many parents who see the need to send their children for math tuition, the student has to have the biggest say as it is the student who benefits most from any class. Many students have come to MuscleMath asking for different things to aid their learning. There are many student requests for crash courses as these students have not understood much of the syllabus right from the beginning of their O level/ A level journey. Others are not sure whether the knowledge acquired in school is sufficient to help them ace their examinations.
There are many types of tuition centres in Singapore, it is important to make an appropriate choice. Some centres offer many subjects in one location, highlighting the convenience aspect. It is less likely though, for such tuition centres to have specialist tutors. Specialist centres are tuition centres that focus on one particular subject. This might not be convenient for students who are busy but might be worth their while to try out. Generally, it is important for a centre to offer a free  trial. This is important for several reasons:
1. Students have to experience what it is like in the classroom
A class room’s atmosphere does affect a student’s ability to make the most out of lessons. There are many factors that can affect this-  the type and number of students in the class, the material provided and the general vibe of the classroom. A lot of these factors is influenced by the teacher and no matter how reputable the teacher is, the student must feel comfortable in class.
2.  Students have to be given a chance to sense the security and sincerity that a good teacher can provide
Material is important but what is arguably more important is a teacher’s ability to reach out to the student and be able to individually treat every student’s situation with utmost care and concern. A student can only get a good sense of this after having a few classes. A free trial should be the least that can be provided.
3. We tutors are ultimately, teachers and educators.
A teacher’s priority, above anything else, is to educate. No matter how reputable the teacher is, students deserves a chance to experience a class for themselves.
As much as we tutors are being paid for our service, students deserve to know how we are as tutors before anything else. MuscleMath tuition offers free trials to students of every level. Sign up today at