Muscle Math students

Coming into MuscleMath, I was a student with very poor grades (E/S) and was in desperate need of help. I had trouble with my foundational math knowledge, which basically affected everything else. Joshua was super patient and encouraging. Every lesson was a fun and joyful learning experience. The optimistic environment in class really helped with my motivation. Joshua was very knowledgeable in the subject; concepts taught in class were clear and simple to understand. Would highly recommend to everyone who needs help with math or anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge in math! THUMBS UP 10/10

-Ethel, Jurong Junior College

My journey with MuscleMath was rather sweet sailing, especially with the help of Joshua. He is a very dedicated and hardworking teacher, even offers to provide us with extra classes despite always being so busy with other classes. He is very clear in terms of what his objectives for the lessons are and is willing to clarify any doubts before he ends the session just to make sure we actually understand what is going on. I would highly recommend MuscleMath to students who are looking for a good tutor to help cope with mathematics and follow the school syllabus more closely. With Joshua, you not only gain a capable and knowledgeable tutor, but also a friend.

– Eunice, Pioneer Junior College

Muscle Math students
Muscle Math students

Joshua is a very friendly tutor and understands math concepts really well. He is very detailed in his teaching and he always covers every aspect of the syllabus, which helps me understand topics really well. Whenever I have questions that I am unsure of, he would always help me via text or face to face. He never fails to make lessons interesting and fun!

-Hui Min, Jurong Junior College

Mathematics in JC was like a foreign language to me. Lectures in school were too quick and didn’t go into great detail, causing a massive snowball effect and lowering my confidence in H2 Mathematics as a whole. That’s when I enrolled as one of Joshua’s students, not fully confident that my Mathematics could still be salvaged. He turned out to prove me wrong, going through concepts in an easy to understand, yet thorough, cutting out unnecessary information and presenting it in a more palatable matter. Joshua’s personality, with his down-to-earth attitude, humor and patience is simply an added bonus to an already excellent tutorship! He got my Mathematics back into shape in a matter of months and my only regret is not enrolling earlier. Highly recommended!

-Nathaniel, Tampines Junior College

Muscle Math students
Muscle Math students

I still remember the times when I was in JC, trying to figure out how complicated math has become. Back in secondary school, math was my best subject. However, when i entered JC, the lecturers were going as such a fast pace, and before I knew it, they were already at the next chapter. Tests and exams kept piling up, and I couldn’t keep up with the pace. About 5 months before A levels, I told myself I was going to give up on math, and instead spend my time focusing on the rest of my subjects, which were really content heavy. However, after meeting Joshua, my love for math rekindled. He made H2 math so easy to understand, it kinda made me regret why I even thought of giving up on it. For the next 5 months, he taught my friends and I things from scratch, preparing his own notes and own tutorial questions. Joshua is a VERY dedicated tutor. He is the kind of tutor who would be willing to stay back, even for an extra 1/2 hours, just to ensure you understand what was going through in class. He never gave up on any one of us. He simply made math very easy to grasp, by teaching us the fundamentals of each chapter. I managed to not just regurgitate, but also understand why were the workings as such. Joshua managed to do what most of my JC tutors couldn’t, which was to be an engaging and dedicated. From wanting to give up math, I managed to jump 5 grades up, when I got my A level results. I simply attended his lessons, did his homework, and practiced past year questions. The fact that Joshua could make me jump 5 grades up within 5 months, was indeed a blessing for me. Thanks Joshua for helping me love math, and eventually helping me get such good results for A levels. Other than that, his humour and fun going personality helped me enjoy his lessons even more 🙂 I am indeed very thankful!

-Sakinah, Jurong Junior College

The best part about MuscleMath ought to be the fact that Joshua is an extremely dedicated and hardworking teacher. I simply needed to send whatever problem I had to him via text and he would reply almost instantly. Considering the number of students he has, he is unlike other one-man-show tutors who are too busy to answer questions, some of them even ending up asking you to directly or indirectly figure out how to solve those questions by yourself. Also, his notes are very neat and cogent, which made studying and revising them very simple and effortless. They had questions of varying difficulty, from basic to advance. All in all, I had a lot of fun in Joshua’s classes and I will recommend MuscleMath to anyone who needs help in mathematics. It was because of Joshua’s influence that I have decided to take on the MOE Teaching Award to be a teacher myself.

-Zheng Jie, Pioneer Junior College

Muscle Math students
Muscle Math students

I first joined Joshua’s tuition during JC1 when I was doing really bad for math in school. At that point of time I didn’t really like math but with Joshua’s guidance I slowly begin to love it. He is a patient and caring teacher that tries his best to help you no matter what. His passion for math is infectious and it’s really inspiring to see that a teacher would go to such lengths to help a student. With his help, I was able to grasp my concepts well and obtain an A for H2 math.

-Edith, Meridian Junior College

I had always been struggling with my H2 Math until I decided to join Musclemath. Musclemath has helped me strengthen my concepts and exposed me to a variety of Math questions.  Having a fun and encouraging teacher also helped to build up my interest and confidence that I have in the subject. I always looked forward to attending his lessons since he makes lessons interactive and engaging. A few weeks before As, he gave us several crash courses to make sure that we are all ready and prepared for the examination, this really showed his passion and dedication towards teaching as well as the concern he has for his students.

– Serene, Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Meridian Junior College

Muscle Math students
Muscle Math students

I have been scoring straight Us throughout my entire junior college life and only joined MuscleMath just before prelims. Despite the short time frame that we had, he clarified and polished my concepts very well and i have shown improvement since then. He is very clear in his explanations and always ensures that we understood everything before moving on. The comfortable and encouraging environment has also made learning more fun and efficient 🙂

– Rachel, Meridian Junior College

I often dread going to math lectures in school. On the other hand, I look forward to going to tuition at MuscleMath as Mr Tan teaches us in an engaging yet cheerful manner! He takes the extra step to guide and educate his students. He helped me to understand the math concepts thoroughly and apply them to questions. With the help MuscleMath, I am able to score consistently in Math. Thank you so much Mr Tan!

-Tan Xuan Yu, Hai Sing Catholic School, Victoria Junior College

Muscle Math students
Muscle Math students

MuscleMath has been a great help to me, allowing me to handle mathematics with greater ease. Mr Tan is hardworking, always striving to do his best for his students. Despite me asking questions at any time of the day, he helps me with any questions that I have over text or calls.

-Kenneth, Hai Sing Catholic School, Meridian Junior College

Honestly MuscleMath really did get me into the math element as cheesy as it sounds!! Mr Tan is super approachable and patient (extra points because my foundation was really weak but he never failed to assist me whenever possible).

Unfortunately, I only entered after mid years and I really regret not joining earlier because it was super super helpful. I found myself understanding and grasping concepts so much easier during his lessons as he really does give clear steps and insights.

It was always difficult for me to catch up in school and I was really at the breaking point for math (reeaaallly bad). However, nearing A levels, the intensive lessons we had (coupled with determination) was truly truly great because I felt myself handling math much better than before.

This is coming from a student who seriously did struggle with math throughout JC and I am so so thankful that Mr.Tan was there. I guarantee you that everything taught in lesson is really bringing you a step closer to managing maths and scoring well.

– Nasrin, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Meridian Junior College

Muscle Math Student
Muscle Math Student

Joshua is a very passionate teacher who strives to give his best. He would make sure to motivate students and would even help us to plan our studying strategy before exams. I personally felt that the worksheets and notes handed to us were really useful as it often covers a wide range of different types of questions. No matter how bad my grades were when I first started, he believed in me and would always tell me that I would be able to achieve the results that I wanted as long as I worked hard , which to me was really encouraging!! I feel that a teacher that continues to believe in you is really important as he will continue to put in his utmost effort to push you to your limits as compared to a teacher who has lost faith in a student. Despite me being very forgetful, he is really very patient with me and will always ensure that I remember concepts and formulas based on understanding instead of memory work which is really useful especially when you already have a ton of things to memorise in junior college. I will definitely recommend him as a math tutor to anyone looking to improve and score well!

– Jinqi, Pioneer Junior College

Joshua was a patient teacher who expressed a keen interest in developing his students to their fullest potential. He always made sure that his students had a full understanding of the mathematical solutions and also offered guidance even after tuition hours. Just joining him for a short period of time and my results improved from a U grade to a B grade for the A levels.

Jamie Lin, Meridian Junior College

Muscle Math Student
Muscle Math Student

Every single math lesson is well thought-out and structured to deliver the most within the limited time. With Joshua’s thorough understanding of the H2 Math curriculum, he is able to cover content extensively yet pick out the very essential points that frame each topic perfectly.
Joshua puts in extra effort into his notes to ensure that every type of question for each topic is covered and explained thoroughly. This makes it much easier to understand the application of concepts and also serves as a convenient source of reference during revision.
Joshua also understands the common questions and misconceptions to every topic, and is quick to address them, in class as well as through his notes. He puts in his very best to help every single student, and is extremely responsive to questions even outside his busy schedule.
Would definitely recommend Joshua to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, resourceful, experienced and dedicated tutor!

Praise Sim, NYJC

Joshua’s lessons were very structured and his notes were concise which really helped me in my understanding of the subject.He is also very encouraging and is always there to help me, answering my questions via whatsapp with clear and detailed explanations. A dedicated teacher, he is always striving to make learning mathematics fun and willing to answer questions even though it is really late at night.

With his help, I managed to make a huge improvement in the A levels ☺

Allison, Meridian Junior College

Muscle Math Student
Muscle Math Student

After scoring a “U” grade for my H2 math in my March-April block test, I decided that I have to get a math tutor. I then chanced upon a flyer of MuscleMath and decided to give it a try. Joshua, the head tutor of MuscleMath, is a very caring and hardworking tutor, as he is willing to put in the time and effort to help us in and out of tuition. Joshua takes a very active approach in teaching us, choosing to attempt questions with us and guide us step by step.

Joshua’s small group tuition class allows him to give more attention to his students as compared to the typical JC tutorial classes, hence making the math lessons so much more efficient and effective than the lessons in school. With his help, I have been able to grasp math concepts better and improve in my grades. I would highly recommend and urge students who are also weak in math to approach MuscleMath so that they can improve their math.

Qi Xiang, Tampines Junior College

I joined MuscleMath around late July and had some private consultations with Mr.Tan. I was in desperate need for an all-focused guide from someone who was willing and patient enough to guide me given my repeated U grades. I was relieved to have found a platform to receive such help. Concepts delivered in such a easy to understand manner, I understood topics a lot better and I was a lot clearer. I started to find myself enjoying doing questions, as I finally understood what questions were looking for. Really thankful to be a recipient of Mr.Tan’s patience throughout that trying period! I highly recommend MuscleMath to anyone who wants to improve and secure their A in H2 Math.

– Khaine, YJC 2018

Muscle Math Student

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