Overcoming Math Anxiety with the Help of Secondary Math Tuition

About Math Anxiety

Do you feel anxious or a sense of dread when heading to a mathematics tuition class or in school?

This is a classic symptom of “Math anxiety” which is prevalent in a world where students are pressured to perform in math, either by themselves or by parents, teachers, or peers, who question a student’s ability to meet expectations. This is also more likely to happen for secondary school students, which are introduced to all the aspects of education, such as CCA’s, music, and other tasks.

If you are a student struggling with math anxiety, fret not, this article will explain the causes of math anxiety and provide 3 main tips to cope with the process.

Causes of Math Anxiety

In the introduction, pressure to perform in math is listed as one of the key reasons. However, math anxiety is more often than not a plethora of interlinked factors.

For example, pressure to perform often leads to “perceived underachievement”, that is, the perception that the grades obtained are not up to par. Over time, students will lack confidence in their math skills and feel overwhelmed when faced with math problems. Eventually, the entire process of learning and scoring in maths becomes a negative experience as students consistently score low grades on tests.

Math anxiety dominates when this cycle of grades, lack of confidence, and negative experiences persistently repeats itself through the secondary school years.


How to Solve Math Anxiety

To solve math anxiety, it is crucial to break away from the chain of events and identify negative thoughts. When trapped in an unending cycle of failure instead of thinking I am “naturally bad at math”, try replacing them with positive affirmations. Think “I have room for improvement and learning math”.

Similarly, secondary math tuition can also help in this process of overcoming math anxiety. Tuition centres such as Musclemath play the role of a helper and a confidence booster. Through tuition, students are able to gain familiarity with math concepts by reviewing concepts covered in class. Moreover, our tutors are also able to break down problems into smaller parts and minimize them into digestible snippets so that students can replicate them step by step.


  1. Free Video Lessons

Though these methods sound theoretical our tuition centre puts them into action. Firstly, Musclemath tuition centre offers video lessons that are regularly updated and taught to students. These lessons provide practice outside of regular class hours and are completely free upon registration!

2. Online Support

Secondly, Musclemath tuition centre also offers free consultations over text/Whatsapp/Telegram. We understand that sometimes, overcoming math anxiety is all about seeking help. Towards this aspect, our math tutors are willing to provide personalized support and help students work through difficult problems.

We believe that our teacher cannot be simply good at teaching a subject and are willing to provide support for students beyond the classroom.

3. Beyond the classroom

Finding real-world applications make subjects more engaging and less intimidating. For example, mathematics can be seen in aspects such as data analytics. In these fields, dot diagrams, histograms or stem-and-leaf diagrams may indicate the preference of a certain audience in a set of data. A data analyst can then draw information from the diagram to determine if the next marketing project or implementation should be held at a certain location for a specified group audience.

Other than this example, mathematics can be found in almost every corner of the world, from the exchange of currencies to the architectural structures of a building.

One last tip

While all the tips above are beneficial to cope with math anxiety this last tip is the most important. Taking breaks. Taking breaks helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It allows students to rest, recharge, and return to math problems with a fresh perspective.