The Golden Rule to Secondary Math Tuition

More than anything, mathematics is filled with golden rules that allow students to consistently resolve questions. It is ingrained in our minds early in the lesson, for example in the lessons of finding the hypotenuse in a triangle we are taught “c²= a² + b²”.

Similarly, there are certain golden rules that are followed in secondary school tuition lessons that you may already be aware of!

Consistent Practice

“Practice, practice, and more practice.” Mastering any subject often requires consistent practice to become familiar with the concepts. There is no shortcut to success other than to practice regularly. Though this advice and golden rule sound rather mundane and boring, consistency allows students to reinforce learned lessons. That is, to try different problems from the same topic and not to consistently repeat the same question in a procedural manner.

This is also backed by scientific research which shows that “repetition strengthens those pathways in the brain that are vital for the quick, effortless recall of information”.

Understanding and Critical Thinking

As an extension of the above golden rule on consistent practice, there are some criteria that should be met.

For secondary school maths, it is important to practice with an understanding of the concepts behind mathematical formulas and equations.  This helps students to apply the concepts in different scenarios. Maintaining a curious mind toward problems will be beneficial to your journey of learning. For a start, ask questions that are simple. Why do we calculate probability?

At the core of the question is a problem of choices, for every choice that is made, there is a probability of success and failure, and probability lists all the possible outcomes in a simple chance situation.

Subsequently, ask the hard questions, how do we calculate probability? It starts with a 50% or ½ chance between 2 outcomes, which splits further into 25% or 1/4 through the multiplication of 50% x 50% for the next 2 outcomes, and so on.

By applying consistency with understanding, mathematics will be more approachable with each chunk of information that is gathered and stored in the mind!

Mastering the golden rule of Secondary School Mathematics

Now that you are introduced to the golden rule of secondary school mathematics, another question comes to mind. How do we make sure that our practice is best achieved in the shortest period of time?

The answer is feedback. Tuition teachers are primarily taught to provide timely and constructive feedback to students. If you face difficulties in solving a question always remember that a teacher or a tutor will be able to pinpoint where you went wrong much faster, thereby reducing the time spent on figuring them out yourselves.

In our article, “choosing a suitable math tuition center”, we focus on the aspect of a nurturing learning environment.  Musclemath combines exposure, practice, and expertise all into its teaching curriculum.

If you are looking to master mathematics today, or simply to apply the golden rule, we will be able to lend a helping hand.