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Get set to ace your exams with MuscleMath’s Level-Up Class!

Tailored for secondary school students, this FREE crash course turbocharges your preparation with focused sessions covering essential topics like Algebraic Manipulation in Sec 1 to Applications of Differentiation in Sec 4 Amath.

With a maximum class size of just 6 students, you will receive personalised attention and guidance, ensuring no one gets left behind. Plus, reach out to our teachers anytime for extra support.

Scroll below for class schedules and registration details to supercharge your exam readiness!

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Schedule of Topics: Secondary School

(All Secondary School Level-up Classes will be held onsite in our Bishan Centre)

Level-Up Classes were held 8-14 April 2024
Next batch of classes are to be announced.



Unlike traditional topic-based approaches, our FREE sessions focus on refining your problem-solving prowess and equipping you with the strategies needed to tackle complex problems confidently.

Dive into skill-based learning where our experienced instructors guide you through efficiency techniques, ensuring you work smarter, not harder. Learn to steer clear of common mistakes with step-by-step tips and interactive sessions designed to reinforce your understanding.

Scroll below for class schedules and registration details, and embark on a journey to master H2 math like never before!

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For JC2 Students

(Non MuscleMath regulars)

Master Statistics efficiently in our StatX class. With focused instruction, you’ll be able to navigate complex concepts confidently, tackling exam-level questions in a systematic approach.

Simpli 𝜋

For JC1 Students

(Non MuscleMath regulars)

Get ready to dive back into Functions, Transformation & Vectors in our Simpli 𝜋 class. This time, by breaking down complex concepts, we’re simplifying things to boost your understanding.


For Existing JC1 Students

(MuscleMath regulars)

Test yourself in real-time with 30 mins per topic (among Functions, Transformation, Graphing, Sequences & Series, or Vectors). Then get tailored tips to nail those tough questions.

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Schedule of Topics: JC H2 Math

(All JC H2 Math Level-up Classes will be held onsite in our Novena Centre)

7 May



StatX Class

J2 Students

(Non MM Regulars)

9 May


Simpli 𝜋 Class

J1 Students

(Non MM Regulars)


9 May


TestDrive Class

J1 Students

(MM Regulars)

Free signup

Terms & Conditions:

1. Redemption of freebies would require bringing of the foolscap pad to any of our branches (Novena or Bishan), to be stamped upon every redemption.
2. For the 1st redemption, a form must be filled-in, for record purposes
3. Bring a friend along: The friend must also sign-up on any of our paid programmes in order to redeem the freebie
4. Snap a photo: You must post an Instagram Story featuring the foolscap pad and tag us @musclemath_
5. Sign-Up as a regular: If you are already an existing student, you can get this stamp once you make your next full term payment
6. Holiday Programme: These programmes are paid programmes that are held in different times of the year (March Holiday, June Holiday, September Holiday & EOY Nov-Dec Holiday Programmes)
7. Ultimate Perk: Students can select one of two options when deciding the usage of stamps: (1) claim one freebie for each stamp, or (2) accumulate your stamps and aim for bigger freebies
8. Freebies would be given based on the stock availability
9. The centre reserves the right to make changes/add to the freebies, if needed
10. Lucky draw would only be available to students who have accumulated 5 stamps
11. Lucky draw prizes are possible prizes and can be subjected to change
12. The centre reserves the right to make changes on the Terms & Conditions, if needed, based on the Centre’s discretion without any prior notice
13. The centre reserves the right to forfeit the redemption of prizes/freebies, if the claim is found to be invalid and fraudulent

MuscleMath Tuition

Our tuition centres are located within 3 minutes walk from the MRT station.

505D Bishan Street 11, #01-410 Singapore 574505 (Bishan)

103 Irrawaddy Road #01-21, Royal Square @ Novena 329566 (Novena)

Contact: +65 8433 3755

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