Source: MOE 2023 H2 Math Syllabus 

The syllabus prepares students adequately for H2 Math Syllabus 2023, where a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills are required. For the H2 Maths Syllabus, students are taught basic functions in Year 1 and the implementation of more complex functions in Year 2, followed by the A-levels exam. The syllabus covers 6 main “strands” which are described as functions and graphs, sequences and series, vectors, complex numbers, calculus, probability, and statistics.  H2 Math Syllabus assumes content knowledge from O-Level Additional Mathematics.

At Musclemath Tuition Centre, we have years of experience in teaching H2 Maths syllabus and established a good process flow of lesson recordings, notes and homeworks given to students. These are provided to students free of charge and allows them to study at their own pace and should they miss a lesson, be able to catch up.