Musclemath Math Tuition FREE Program

About the Muscle Math Level-Up Programme 

Math Tuition Class

Referring to the infographic above, normal weekly classes are topic based. In this regular math tuition class, our tutors go through: 

Basic concepts and do basic practices, with the purpose of establishing basic concepts while reinforcing previously school taught methods. This is meant to reinforce topics and information that have been previously taught in school. 

Level-Up Programme

However, unlike the math tuition class, level-up classes that are coming in March will teach techniques on how to be more effective in solving math questions. This specialized teaching class is meant to focus on developing techniques and the in-depth methodology in solving questions.

 It is suitable for students seeking to understand what is the correct and easiest way to solve questions in topics such as differentiation, where the same set of formulas and its understanding  will help to simplify questions significantly.
*To top it off the lessons are Free

Types of Classes in Level-up

XP Boost

In this class, you’ll be able to accelerate your understanding, conquer concepts at warp speed, and emerge equipped with skills in record time. Every batch of XP Boost Class will take on a new topic. February XP Boost Class will be on: Complex Numbers 

  • JC1 Students 


Elevate your problem-solving skills in this dynamic class designed for efficiency and success! In this class, you’d learn to solve equations through a guided workflow which is tailored according to certain topics. Learn streamlined techniques and unlock the power of a systematic approach!

  • JC2 Students 

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Improve your problem-solving skills by mastering strategies to prevent careless mistakes. This dynamic class is your key to flawless math proficiency, ensuring each solution is error-free. In this class, you’ll learn techniques for heightened accuracy and cultivate a sharp focus on detail.

  • Musclemath JC2 Regulars

Where to register?

The clock is ticking and classes will be happening soon, register now via this link, which will lead you to the level up math page! 

Start Your Mathematics Learning Adventure With Musclemath

At MuscleMath, we guide student to score well through O-level math tuition, A-level math tuition and H2 Math tuition. Our team consists of ex-MOE HOD’s, NIE teachers and full-time tutors. 

As a leading and an MOE certified math tuition centre in Singapore, students will be provided with a wide range of options such as holiday tuition lessons, crash courses, free trials for all levels. 

We provide fully customised lessons in conjunction with specialised notes and materials that are constantly updated. If you’re looking for math tuition or need help to figure out how to study maths, our team will be there for you to support your learning journey, start now and achieve better results!