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Spearheaded by Head Tutor Joshua Tan,
MuscleMath Tuition situated at Bishan and Novena, offers O Level Math Tuition for secondary school. Weekly O Level Math tuition classes are split into a small class size to optimize learning experience and chance to raise questions.

Listed below are 9 points to why you should consider choosing us for your math tuition.

1. Weekly O Level Math tuition classes

Additional and Elementary Mathematics lessons at MuscleMath are conducted on a weekly basis, with lesson timings specially selected to optimise students’ learning.

Weekday classes for our Secondary 3 and 4 students are usually held in the evenings which provides students with ample time to rest after a full day of lessons in school before heading down to our centre for classes.

The tutors at MuscleMath understand that upper secondary school students may be busy with extra co-curricular activities on the weekends. Hence our weekend classes are held from morning to evening which allows our students to choose from a range of class timings based on their own availability and convenience.

Class sizes at MuscleMath are relatively small. This allows our tutors to be able to divide their attention equally among their students and answer any queries that students may have during class time. Students are also welcomed to come earlier for lessons or stay behind after classes to ask our tutors any questions that they may have from previous lessons or from school.

MuscleMathtuition students

2. Very accessible for all secondary school math students

Located at Bishan, the MuscleMath centre is easily accessible to secondary school students islandwide.

Students can easily come down to centre after school or in between school activities on the weekends for their tuition lessons.

3. Teachers

Our team of MuscleMath tutors consists of Mathematics degree holders and Ex-MOE teachers.

Among students, our tutors are known to be friendly and vivacious. They are able to engage students with their fun teaching methods, which allows students to stay awake during MuscleMath lessons and learn to their fullest potential.

Outside of lessons, our tutors are also available to help students over text. Be it during school hours or past midnight, our tutors always try their best to answer any questions that students may send them over text regarding mathematics concepts that they cannot understand or questions that they cannot solve.

4. Past proven results and testimonials

95% of our Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics students from MuscleMath have achieved at least a B3 grade at the O Level examinations, and 100% of our students have improved in their mathematics grades from the time they joined MuscleMath to their O Level examinations. In 2020, 91% of all our students attained distinction for their O levels (A1 or A2 grade).

5. Concise and precise notes customized for students (to suit their individual needs)

MuscleMath understands that every student has their own unique learning style and pace. Hence, our notes are specially designed to cater to the needs of different students.

Each set of notes contains a summary of Mathematical formulae used in the topic, followed by an array of practice questions that are commonly found in secondary school practice papers or created by our own MuscleMath tutors. These practice questions are specially chosen to expose our secondary school students to both typical and unique questions that may appear in their O Level papers.

On top of lesson notes, revision notes and summary notes are also provided for our students to prepare them for their examinations.

6. Covid situation

To ensure the safety of all students during the Covid-19 pandemic, MuscleMath has been adhering to all safe distancing rules during classes.

Virtual classes and pre-recorded lessons have also been made available to all MuscleMath students to attend and watch at home at their own convenience. Students may find these virtual classes and pre-recorded lessons useful in helping them to cut down on their travel time between tuition classes and school, and during examination periods when they require additional revision material.

7. Welfare

Among other things, MuscleMath is also known for their strong student welfare.

The MuscleMath centre is made available to all our existing students for self-studying sessions during examination periods. Moreover, studying materials such as foolscap pads are provided to our students for their own use.

Short breaks are also provided during lessons when needed to allow students to rest in order to optimise their learning.

8. Secondary Math Tuition Workshops and timed practices before exams

MuscleMath provides timed practices and revision workshops before every major school examination. These timed practices and workshops are crucial in helping our upper secondary school students be mentally prepared for their O Level examinations.

Each revision workshop includes a recap of basic Additional and Elementary Mathematical concepts that secondary school students will be tested on during their examinations, as well as a consultation session for students to ask our tutors any questions that they may have regarding practice questions and mathematical concepts.

9. Free Trial and Referral Program

Students are welcome to try out a class for free. They need not pay for the class if they are not satisfied with the class. MuscleMath also has a referral program that helps students save a lot on their fees should they introduce other students.

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505D Bishan Street 11, #01-410 Singapore 574505 (Bishan) – Secondary Math Classes Only

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