Requirements for H2 Math in JC 

Requirements for H2 Math in JC

Requirements for H2 Math in JC

Singapore JC

In a Singapore Junior college the subjects are differentiated into H1, H2 and H3, each number representing the difficulty in ascending order, as well as its calculation into the total number of subjects. 

Generally, the rule of thumb is: 

  • The total number of units for a chosen subject combination can range from a minimum of 10 units to a maximum of 12 units, including MTL.
  • All subject combinations must include one contrasting subject, taken at either H1 or H2 level.

The Subjects taken can follow any of the following combinations: 

  1. KI + three H2 content-based subjects + one H1 content-based subject,
  2. KI + three H2 content-based subjects,
  3. GP + four content-based subjects originally offered in JC1.

To be eligible for admission to a junior college (JC) course, you must meet these 2 criteria:

Junior College 

Your L1R5 gross aggregate score must not exceed 20.

Meet the grade requirements for specific subjects.

For Mathematics, a Grade 1-7.

Millennia Institute

Your L1R4 gross aggregate score must not exceed 20.

Meet the grade requirements for specific subjects.

For Mathematics, a Grade 1-7.

H2 JC Math Requirements 

Apart from the point requirement needed to enter a JC, what is less talked about for JC H2 Math requirements are what knowledge is required and how to decide if H2 math is for you? 

While there are no concrete requirements for these questions, there are some factors to take into consideration. 

Interest in Math

Mathematics at the H2 level challenges your ability to understand the theoretics and occasionally follows the ‘logic based’ application math tested in the PSLE’s. Many students choose subjects by first categorizing if they belong to the Art stream or the Science Stream

If you fall into the category of the Science stream, consider which subject would interest you more. For some students, the sciences (biology,chemistry and physics) are a clear strength, this can be seen through past results in the PSLE and the O levels. For other students, a preference for mathematics and natural flair in solving problems may indicate more interest in mathematics. 

It is important that you do not choose subjects simply based on what is the “best combination”. For example, a H2 combination of Math, Physics and Chem is commonly regarded as a desirable one as scoring well in it opens up a world of possibilities in University courses of various fields such as 

  • Chemist
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Business

Though it is no overstatement to say that H2 Math will open up many doors of opportunities, think very carefully on interests. If you are unsure, consider the following: 

Do you have a general preference for a certain field? 

Arts/English/Geog/Humanities or Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics

What seems to be a sustainable subject for scoring as well as for future career? 

It does not need to be a clear answer, but getting a subject that you can manage will help to get the grades needed for the university direction of choice. 

Though interest in the subject is an unsaid “requirement” for H2 math, if you are in the science stream, you can also apply for it first as a “trial” for the first year. Most schools allow the conversion of H2 to H1 if a student is unable to keep up with the curriculum.  

Adequate Knowledge in Foundational O- level/A math Subjects

With interest out of the way, topics such as differentiation, integration, logarithm or trigonometry will be taught at a slightly more advanced level in JC’s. 

A basic understanding of these concepts or a quick revision will help with understanding the concepts taught early in Year 1. 

Do note that these topics will also likely be covered for the first few weeks in revisions by the school. 

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