Secondary School Changes for 2024 (SBB) 

Secondary School Changes for 2024 (SBB)

With the introduction of Subject Based Banding (SBB) for secondary school students, changes will be made to curriculum as well as to the exam periods. Mainly the changes are as summarized below:

  1. All secondary students will take the English and MTL exams in the second week of September. In effect for this year’s Secondary 1 students, who will take their exams in 2027. 
  2. Subjects including Math will be categorised as G1, G2 and G3, similar to the JC categorisation of H1, H2 and H3. This will also be reflected on the transcript.

Parliamentary Excerpt 

Transcript from parliament session by Mr Chan Chun Sing (Minister of Education, Singapore), 2024:
This year secondary 1 students will sit for a new Singapore Cambridge secondary education certificate or examinations. 

The SEC examinations will replace the current Singapore Cambridge ”O” and “N” level exams. Today (prior to SBB), students take different exams with different Provisions for different streams. 

For example

  1. Students in the previous “Normal Stream” sit for N levels in September while Express students sit for “O” levels in  October. 
  2. “O” level students have two exam settings for their mother tongue language, one mid year, one end of year, while “N” level students do not. 

Under full SBB there will no longer be separate “N” or “O” Level exam periods. Instead there will be one common SEC exam period with different papers for different subject levels. We (the education board/MOE) will streamline the multiple exam settings this means we will have one written SEC examination setting for all MTL subjects levels. 

I understand that some may be concerned that they will have one less chance to improve their MTL grades but we need to strike a careful balance between striving for excellence, or chasing the last mark and allowing our students to learn at a better pace. 

Our analysis shows that taking a second sitting only changed the post secondary posting outcome for less than 2% of the students taking the exam. But most importantly, the new system will allow our students and teachers to better pace the MTM MTL curriculum with four more months of learning rather than to squeeze everything into less than three and a half years in preparation for June. 

To spread out the exam load at the end of the year, students will sit for their English and MTL written exams in the second week of September, one month ahead of other subjects. After taking their exams, students will receive a common certificate from the SEC which will replace the current “O”, “NA” and “NT” level certificates. 

The certificate will reflect each student’s subject combinations and levels just like the “A” level certificate which reflects each student subject and the level that they have completed at H1 H2 or H3. The certificate will continue to be jointly awarded by MOE and Cambridge to preserve its standing.”

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