Students should always avoid last minute studying.
As cliche as it sounds, last minute studying should be avoided. Not only does it not work all the time, but also because it changes a student’s idea of what mathematics is at its core. Studying at the last minute encourages a lack of precision and accuracy and this might lead to things such as careless mistakes. If this made into a habit, students will struggle with tougher mathematical questions as students will have to juggle between struggling to remember concepts and solving the actual question. ‘Going with the flow’ simply means doing all questions as if they are all straightforward. Through many questions, markers can make a distinction between simple memorization work and the complete understanding of concepts. Exposure to many different types of questions is very important to ensure students have a full grasp of the required concepts.

Pay attention to examination skills.
Every factor counts in scoring well for an examination and I am not only referring to practicing and doing questions. More often than not, this point is overlooked and I cannot stress enough that importance to cultivate good examination habits. One common example is time management, which is a huge factor for many students. Many students have the capability to do well for examinations but since they are so used to doing questions at a leisurely pace, this affects their performance in the examination as well. Another such example would be students wanting to finish questions no matter what. Due to the nature of practice under untimed scenarios, many students do their best to complete a question, no matter how long it takes. This could be due to students being too focused on questions. However, students might not have that luxury of time in the examination and once they get stuck at a certain question, this can lead to poor time management.

Quality not Quantity.
Some of my students have told me in the past: “Mr Tan I’ve completed the 10 year series close to X number of times!” and while I as a teacher enjoy seeing my students have fun doing mathematics, time is of the essence for major examinations. My students are always encouraged by me to practice when necessary and it is more important to tackle new problems if one has already mastered a number of similar types of questions. Once again, students should always fully understand the concepts behind questions to truly appreciate what mathematics has to offer and there will definitely be an improvement.

That being said, if you are encountering difficulty with your Mathematics and require some help, feel free to contact us to arrange something for you.

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